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A love for baking is surely a genetic trait- one in which I inherited from my grandmother Claudette, lovingly called "Grandma Cookie" by her great-grandchildren. I have baked for my family's restaurant, The Pizza Shack since I was a teenager. Over the years, I learned the importance of creating a product that is both special and of high quality.

In Febuary 2012, I was discussing the specials for Valentine's Day desserts with my brother, Michael, and sister in law, Laura. I had this fun, exciting idea to make a spectacular cupcake as the special. If there's any moment in which BabyCakes was born it was then. I wanted to bring class to a cupcake, and I knew it just had to be stuffed. Why should towering layer cakes have all the Fun?! With a green light and a desire to venture out of my comfort zone, I created exactly what I'd set out to make, a gourmet cupcake. It was a classy, delicate dessert in a most loved cupcake form, and it was staying around much longer than Valentine's weekend!

Since then, I have created a brand for myself, BabyCakes. My company shares the same passion and dedication instilled into me, when the family recipes were taught to me by my Uncle Jim, and my grandmother years ago. I love that I am able to put my personal spin on a dessert, and that it is so well received. I have added breakfast items to my menu, which are available at Dosye Doe locations, and I have many other ideas, waiting to be fulfilled. BabyCakes intention is the same as in the beginning, to create a high quality product that is special and unique.


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